"We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All"

Monday, December 6, 2010

Is it Christmas?

It's beginng to look a lot like Christmas....everywhere except my apartment that is. Since I am living in a furnished apartment and all of our home furnishings are somewhere in Georgia, I only have, let me count.... 3 Christmas decorations. Sad, I know. We move from here in 11 days and I can't wait. I already have ants in my pants. I keep looking at pictures of our soon to be home and day dreaming of where I want to put the Christmas tree and other decorations.  I am determined to get our new house decked for the holidays before Christmas. So once we move and the military delivers our stuff, we will have olnly 4 days to unpack and decorate.  Yikes, that's gonna be crazy! I will be hooked up to IVs of red bull (and probably vodka). Some people ask me "why even bother decorating, you will have your hands full with just moving and unpacking?" And my answer is that we make a big deal about every occasion, even the small ones. I don't ever want to just skip decorating because it's easier, knowing that next Christmas my husband could be deployed. Having traditions that we celebrate each year, making memories, those moments will stay with me forever.

Hoping this won't be what our Christmas looks like